Since I’m a 4-time survivor of cancer myself. I find myself always trying to keep up with the latest in medical research and supplements. A big part of my life is supplementation and prevention. I try to eat right, exercise and take natural supplements that have been proven to prevent, fight and even kill cancer!

I’ve always known that omega-3’s were great for the body. They help reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, cholesterol, stabilize mood, improve your memory and clear up your skin, but then I read a study that blew my mind. It was a study done on the effects of omega-3 on cancer. Lab rats with pancreatic cancer were given omega-3, amazingly the tumor halted it’s growth by roughly 25%. Now that is pretty awesome. These same rats were then give turmeric only. The tumors then stopped their growth by about 44%…wow! So, obviously the next step was to combine both omega-3 and turmeric and see the results. It was mind blowing. The tumors stopped their growth by over 70%! Yea, you read that right! Over 70%! So it kind of made sense when I later read about new breast cancer drugs using omega-3 as one of the main ingredients.

So if you are currently a patient undergoing treatment for cancer, I would definitely suggest looking into the use of omega-3’s and turmeric; and if you are into the prevention of disease, you should also look into using omega-3’s and turmeric as a way of reducing your risk cancer and other disease.