My Ears Are Ringing What Does That Mean

When you have tinnitis the distinguishing features don’t only include ringing ear. In fact the tinnitis sounds associated with ringing ear symptom are so varied as to be virtually hopeless to decribe. You may call it a ringing while I could well descrine it as a buzzing, you and I will call a beating, or a pulsing noise in the ear.

Other sufferers of tinnitus may simply call them noises and shrug it off!

Ringing Ear Symptoms Explained A strange phenomenon regarding tinnitis is that it is often not correctly spotted. The problem is that there are too many possible variations of the ringing ear symptom and also that many causes that medical professionals will often not recognize the tinitus symptoms you describe to them.

Many times the ringing ear symptom in the ears will cause TMJ resulting from a “bad bite”. The mechanics of the jaw consist of a network of vessels, muscles and nerves and when the bite is out of sinc, the muscles, nerves and vessels of the ears can be affected. When these contract too much it may result in tinnitis. If a tentative bite causes the ringing ear symptom, a neuromuscular dentist can realign your bite so the jaws are synchronized with less muscle tension. My Ears Are Ringing What Does That Mean

It is my experience that the ringing ear symptom is very common among those with a high frequency hearing loss which often will be caused from exposure to loud noise. However everyone with high frequency hearing loss may not necessarily experience tinnitis. The fact that you have high frequency hearing loss does not mean you will develop tinnitis. That’s because there are too many possible variations associated with a ringing noise in the ears. If you are subjected to a exposure to loud noise the tinnitis is often triggered.

A well known tinnitis fact, 95% of all instances of tinnitus are as a result of exposure to noise, stress or sinus problems.

Ear infections, reduced hearing hearing, or even vertigo (dizziness) can be connected to a muscle-spasm problem originating with the teeth. In addition the ringing ear symptom can be an indication of an allergy, high or low blood pressure, diabetes, a tumor, injury to the head or neck, thyroid problems, and a variety of other causes including medications such as anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, sedatives, antidepressants, and aspirin.

Symptoms of tinnitis may be intermittent, always with you, or of a pusatile quality. You may even have single or multiple tones. When there are fewer distractions or at night the ringing ear symptom can be more annoying.

The symptoms of tinnitis experienced by sufferers of this affliction can range from being merely a mild annoyance to being severly debilitating. In fact there are about 5 million people in the US that are so badly afflicted by ringing ear symptom that they are unable to work or function normally. My Ears Are Ringing What Does That Mean