Do you stay abroad, away from your family? Your need to protect your family back at home is worrying you? Do not hesitate make enquiries on the NRI insurance plans and see how you can stay relaxed away from home when you have your family members at your home town.

Give your family a protective cover while you are working abroad!

Internet has made possible application for any form of insurance plan. You can apply for your family insurance and wisely plan out your investment. Enjoy tax benefits and secure your child’s future. Be it for your retired parents, your kid’s education, your retirement plans, constructing your dream home etc. Do not compromise on anything just because you stay away from home.

Care must be taken while applying for an insurance cover. In order to find out if you have a suitable cover on hand, you must cross check everything and then make the payment on your protective cover. Do not land up signing for a wrong cover which does not serve you right. Firstly, find out what are your insurance requirements. Find out the different policies available and who are the competitors and what are its features, terms and conditions and rates too. See if there is anything hidden such as pre-existing medical conditions not covered or covers only one person’s ailments in a year and you may end up paying for the hospitalisation charges for your mom as you have used it once for dad, the same year. What is the limitation cap every year? Similar policy may have additional features in some company, choose the best. What are the things that are excluded for instance you may not be aware if pregnancy cover is included or not?

· Fill the insurance proposal form yourself.
· Be truthful when filling the form as you or your nominee could lose the benefits from the policy in case you misrepresent facts.
· Do not misrepresent any facts – be it regarding your age, health, family history, etc. Never alter medical facts as it can make the entire policy null and void. Your Insurance agent might advise you to misrepresent medical facts to help reduce your premium cost. This is not a smart thing to do – in the event of a claim, more often than not, the misrepresented facts will come up and go against your family.
· DO NOT provide your agent with a signed, blank form. It can be misused.