Did you know that over 2 million children in the US may have ADHD and that only half of them are getting proper treatment? The majority of those treated are on ADHD meds and some have alarming side effects. Many parents are justifiably worried and are getting much more savvy about a natural ADHD remedy. I want to outline in this article four tips to help you choose a natural ADHD treatment which is right for your child.

There is no cure for ADHD
Whatever treatment you opt for, whether it is ADHD meds or a natural ADHD remedy, there is no cure. The first tip then is how to choose a way of managing this condition without compromising your child’s health and wellness. Some of the ADHD meds have an effect on the child’s appetite and sleep patterns. That will be the first criteria for choosing a treatment plan where these essential body functions are not out of sync. In this way the child can let off extra hyperactivity through green time activities or sports. If, however the ADHD meds are affecting him negatively, then you have already lost the first battle. Even if you are snow bound and housebound, getting a Wii can often be a godsend.

Who is telling the truth?
The second tip before you go out and choose a natural ADHD remedy is to do a bit of research on the Net. Given that the pharmaceutical companies (according to the 60 minutes program) contribute 10 billion dollars to presidential campaigns, you may want to steer clear of this particular conflict of interest.

Ask yourself this question:- which comes first, my child’s health or the companies’ profits. It will come as no surprise that some companies are funding research to discredit natural ADHD treatment.

Other research on neurological damage caused by some ADHD meds may have been swept under the carpet. They also join the social network (Facebook and Twitter) and attract thousands of followers just to make sure everybody is getting their message. Their nickname may not necessarily be the name of the company! The third tip is to select a natural ADHD remedy which has no particular political agenda but is nevertheless under FDA supervision.

My fourth tip is to choose a natural remedy which is safe and non-addictive and which is 100% natural and uses only homeopathic ingredients. Given that ADHD is not curable but at least manageable, why not go down this road? Your child will be calmer and happier and you will both be able to concentrate on the real task which is successful parenting.